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All You Need to Know About Web Hosting

web hosting

If you are new in the business and want your website to be known amongst the people, then you need to get it hosted.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service that helps businesses to make their website accessible in the market. This service is only provided by companies that only exeunt for this purpose. They allow their clients to have space on the servers and also give internet connectivity to them.

Various kinds of web hosting can be done, Dedicated, shared, VPS, and cloud.

•    Web hosting

In this hosting the server, space is shared amongst different websites; well, this option is highly suitable for beginners who are new over the sites. This service type is not so technical and is easily affordable.

•    VPS hosting (virtual private server)

Here in VPS, a single server is divided into different virtual servers. The websites share the central server but have their separate virtual server. VPS is best for the businesses that consist of images, pictures content like videos because such things take time to loud, and this service helps to minimize it.

•    Dedicated server hosting

Well, this web hosting is the expensive of all as it’s said to be a server that is truly and only yours. Though it’s costly, it is fruitful. The technical control is with you, as you are the single only one on the server.

One should consider this server hosting if he already has a platform of eCommerce and tends to make variations to the server.

•    Cloud hosting

In cloud hosting, various serves will work with each other in hosting your webpage. This option is best for the business which does not want to have a fancy website and are not looking for technical options

Out of all these website hosting types, it’s essential for you to do your research on each, which one best fits with the requirement of your business.

Cheap Web Hosting Services:


When it comes to web hosting you have to do your research, cheap means something that is poor and low but with some research one can also trace out web hosting that is affordable and is excellent in terms of the quality.

What is the cost of web hosting?

Web hosting cost varies from company to company and with the kind of service client selects. For example, the price of a dedicated service place will cost much more than the shared server plan.

Shared server: in this server, you share your hosting plans with other websites. The cost is shared between users of the servers.

Virtual private server: VPS is also known as a shared server, but here you can have access to some resources that are limited to you only.

Dedicated server: well, this web hosting service is the opposite of the shared service here you are the sole owner of the server, you can customize it the way you want to.

Expectations from an inexpensive web hosting service

 A cheap web hosting service will give you everything you want for your website connection, but one should take into account a few things as well.

Support: mainly, inexpensive websites have minimum support, which means that you have to wait for few days for the response of some complex problems.

Reliability: reliability is said to be known as an essential element when it comes to your web hosting service.

Security: security should be the most crucial factor of all. Lack of security is very harmful; hackers stealing your information will make things difficult as well as it will make you exposed to a civil suit. If any mischievous get into your data, they can condense your webpage, leaving you all barehanded, and then you have to start everything from the beginning.

The fine print: most of the services will give you low rates for the first few years but will increase the price at the time of the restoration. And not only this other companies would also let you pay additional substantial charges at the time of renewal such as upgrading support or changing domain names.


Before selecting a web hosting provider, don’t let price be your primary concern; instead of this, you should choose a known and reputable company that offers reasonable rates. Maybe you may not get the least price, but you can avail of excellent quality service that won’t let you suffer in the end, and you will be satisfied.

Cheap web hosting service provider in Pakistan

We are an affordable and reliable service provider and secure too. Having more than thousands of hosted sites. It also offers promising after-sales services and has secure and quick payment options. We offer different hosting plans, which make it easier for the clients to choose from.

We are well known for fast domain registration and web hosting services. Our goal is to give the best & cheap web hosting service in Pakistan with the least possible cost.

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All You Need to Know About Web Hosting
If you are new in the business and want your website to be known amongst the people, then you need to get it hosted.
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